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Client Case Studies

Case Study

One of the leading Jewellery E-Commerce company having diamond jewellery manufacturing set up and Retail out lets across India.

Need For Business
  • They were planning to have seamless integration of the mfg unit , Retail Stores & E-Commerce business i.e. B2C Website.
  • They have tried many software solutions in the past to integrate the whole business cycle right from manufacturing to Sales and E Commerce integration but did not materialized for them.
  • Using Multiple systems fetching various data.
  • Data was duplicate & In accurate in nature.
  • Customer creation is duplicated and hence turn around time is huge.
  • Maintenance of multiple systems was an issue.
  • They were going for huge expansion of retail outlets where again all independent software running which were disconnected with the website / FG data.

Cloud Based SEA ERP

  • Seamless data which is centralized in nature.
  • Cleaned up Master’s Data. Since they were using multiple systems ,huge amount of data duplication was present which was cleaned.
  • Uniform information is flowing across.
  • Customer Response time is improved.
  • At Manufacturing level , turn around time is improved.
  • The data TO and From the website has been made seamless

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Browns Case Study

Case Study

Browns – The Diamond Store is one of the leading diamond jewellery manufacturers and chain of 48 retail stores and 42 out of them are Based in South Africa and 6 in United Kingdom.

Need For Business
  • Browns manufacture diamond jewellery and the same is sold through their own retail outlets. They had bought SAP B1 to automate jewellery shop floor as well as retail operations.
  • As jewellery manufacturing is a complex and non linear process it requires lot of flexibility as far as manufacturing, goods movement is concerned which is not supported by SAP B1 and they faced lot of restrictions while implementation.
  • As a result it was not fruitful and without a proper system in place there were number of issues in basic smooth functioning. SAP B1 was not fully implemented and the list of problems kept on increasing with every day of operations, a few to mentions are
  • Masters were duplicated at manufacturing and retail level.
  • Variants were also duplicated due to which there was no mechanism by which unique identification of a style could have been maintained.
  • Diamond inventory and assorting in the system was an issue typically due to the challenge of dual UOM required for diamonds.
  • They were not able to track the losses or for that matter even exact stock with the worker/ department was never known with accuracy. This in turn led to pilferage
  • Stock valuation was not proper.
  • They were not able to keep track of inventory in stores as well as at production floor.
  • Whenever the jewellery piece came back for repair or replacement it was impossible to track the history of that piece.
  • Last but not least, in the absence of any application the management faced difficulties to arrive at actual profits.
  • All the above factors led to a disintegrated functioning of the organization and a lot of manual automation which was partial, prone to errors and NEVER ON TIME.
  • At this point of time, Browns decided to go for S.E.A. and the same was implemented within a short span of time.
  • Identification of unique styles and stream lining of style master data.
  • Lack of data flow/ data communication between different departments.
  • Business need for process integration as there was a failure of SAP B1 solution.
  • Short span for implementation time line.
  • Implementation of Financial accounting system as per South African norms.
  • Business process reengineering.
  • Intellectual level of the end user.
  • Distance between India and South Africa.

Cloud Based SEA ERP

  • After successful implementation of the S.E.A. business solution at Browns, the processes are optimized.
  • Since the system is integrated it is easier to keep track of the orders, delivery schedules, payments.
  • Inventory of raw materials like gold, diamond, precious stones is maintained precisely.
  • They are now able to keep track of each and every piece purchase , manufactured and sold.
  • Every piece has now unique identification in the system which helps in tracking history which comes handy when a piece back from customer as a repair or sales return. This has resulted in quick response time and better service to the customers.
  • User based access to the information which is available at a click of a button.
  • Helpful for the management for decision making and strategy planning based on customized business reports.
  • Today at Browns SAP is replaced by S.E.A. ERP and M/s. Browns is fully automated and tracks even the smallest diamond piece / jewelley piece from Purchase, Manufacturing in factory and at Sales Operations at Retail Outlets at the click of a button.

Aurex Case Study

Case Study

Aurex Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the leading  jewellery manufacturers having
manufacturing unit and chain of 8 retail stores in Zimbabwe.

Need For Business
  • Factory & all the 8 retail stores were functioning in disintegrated scenario.
  • They do not have any mechanism to trace the gold inventory in the factory
  • They do not have any mechanism to trace the stores wise inventory.
  • No track of production / losses / profit & loss.
  • Aurex wanted to open new stores but due to lack of strong backend
  • Infrastructure not able to move forward.
  • Ø  Manual operations hence no accurate data of customers , vendors , Work in
  • Whichever data was available , that was not uniform in nature.
  • Distribution of goods across locations was an issue as no digital records of
  • transferred goods and received goods.
  • Ø  Literacy level of end user is very low.
  • Since it is an African country , there is a very big language barrier.
  • Ø They have started the work in March 2020 when Covid 19 pandemic was at its peak. 
  • So initially the implementation process had to be online which could
    have lead to miscommunication.


  • Manufacturing Unit & all retail locations are running in seamless manner.
  • Complete visibility of the data / information.
  • Customer response time improved.
  • Analytical reporting helps the management to take informed decisions

KD Gold & Diamonds Case Study

Case Study
KD Gold and Diamonds Ltd

KD Gold & Diamonds Ltd. are one of the leading  jewellery retailers having HO
and 3 retail stores in Odisha.

Need For Business
  • All the 3 stores were functioning separately in the absence of consolidated data.
  • The management wanted to have complete insight as to what is happening and where.
  • Difficult to manage and keep track of purchases / inventory / sales & losses.
  • Every store has its own set of records which resulted in data duplication.
  • All the 3 stores are located in small towns in Odisha where connectivity was an issue.
  • It was challenge to train the manpower due to inadequate understanding of technology at data entry level.


  • H.O & all 3 retail locations are running in integrated manner.
  • Management has clear insight of the happenings on each retail floor.
  • Convenience of getting segregated location wise data and consolidated data Is easier.
  • Auto reporting feature has eradicated any manual intervention in reporting part. Reports are auto fired on scheduled time.
  • Better customer service as new order / repair order / new collections data is available at finger tips.
  • Easy to understand market trends with the help of past data analysis.