SEA ERP software can help jewelry wholesale businesses to improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. It can do this by automating tasks, providing real-time data, & improving decision-making. Additionally, SEA ERP software can help businesses improve compliance, security, and scalability. SEA ERP software can help businesses track inventory levels, manage stock rotation, and prevent stockouts. This can help businesses improve customer service and reduce costs.

SEA ERP can automate many manual tasks such as order processing, invoicing, & customer service, freeing up employee’s time to focus on other aspects of the business. It can provide businesses with real-time data on their business operations, such as sales, inventory, and costs. This data can help businesses make better decisions about pricing, marketing, and inventory management.

Innovative Features &

Functionalities of SEA Wholesaling


Very Easy
To Use

Synergics ERP for jewellery wholesale business software is quite simple to use. The system's straightforward and user-friendly layout allows even non-technical users to operate it with ease.


On-demand Scalability

Synergics, being a cloud-based Jewellery wholesale ERP Software, provides on-demand scalability, letting you scale up or scale down resources as needed, minimizing resource waste


(Job Work)

Synergics ERP for jewellery wholesale business software is dynamic to allow subcontractor wise process-wise standard labor payable , Wastage and loss percentage arrangement



Synergics Software for Jewellery ecommerce software allows you to track both client and Job worker's orders. Users can make modifications where ever required as per the roles and rights assigned to him / her.


Single / Multiple office operation support

Synergics ERP for jewellery wholesale business software facilitates to the business growth. It can manage a single wholesale office as well as multiple wholesale offices without any hassles.



Our robust and unique ERP for jewellery wholesale business software allows businesses to manage material requirements by estimating and sourcing the materials required to make the piece.


Inventroy Control & Management

The ERP for jewellery wholesale business system also enables Jewellery Wholesalers to manage raw material and finished items stock within the warehouse or office..


Item Repair Management

Not only does the Synergics Jewellery wholesale ERP Software system allow jewellery manufacture, but it also offers item tracking of repair orders and calculates labor/metal and any other material used for repairing.

More Benefits To your business!


Organized Catalogue

Our Jewellery wholesale ERP Software system helps businesses showcase their creations by letting them add multiple photographs and videos of the product, boosting its saleability.


E - Commerce Connectivity

SEA Software for Jewellery e-commerce system also facilitates e-commerce integration allowing businesses to list, sell, & manage their products on e-commerce platforms.

RFID / Barcode Compatibility

Synergics, the best ERP for jewellery wholesale business in India, offers several functionalities, such as RFID tagging that allows you to get every product detail in a moment.


Scheduled MIS Reporting

Our Jewellery wholesale ERP Software has comprehensive MIS reports that will let you assess the performance of your business and make timely decisions.


Build Your Own Report

The ERP for jewellery wholesale business system has a unique feature " Build Your Own Reports" which allows the user to create own business reports and assign rights to View / Edit / Delete / Email / Print rights

How SEA ERP for Wholesale Benefit Your Business?

Pricing Rules
Multi location Management
Style Master
Order Management
Inventory Management
Pricing Rules
Multi location Management
Style Master
Order Management
Inventory Management
Barcoding / RFID Management
Jewellery Production (Subcontracting / Jobwork)
Financial Accounting / Controls
Customer Checks & Balances
Repair Management
Metal Accounting
Repair Management
Metal Accounting

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Pricing Rules

  • Our ERP for jewellery wholesale business has multiple and dynamic facilities for defining pricing rules. 
  • It has a simplified version for pre-configured pricing, which covers all aspects of jewellery wholesaling 
  • Pricing also has the flexibility to work with retailers on different pricing structures. 
  • Dynamic pricing can be achieved through “Formula Builder: allowing the business owner to change and implement pricing strategies with no dependency on the vendor.

Multi location Management

  • The Jewellery wholesale ERP Software provides a multi-branch/multi-location facility. 
  • Stocks can be transferred between locations giving a real-time effect. 
  • Any sales in one place are reflected in real-time in the other place too. 
  • Location-wise profit and loss are also achievable using the system.

Style Master

  • Synergics’ Jewellery wholesale ERP Software solution allows the most complex definitions of every bill of material extending to 100’s of rows. At the same time, the software is capable of handling single-line bills of material definition. 
  • The system allows multiple images and even videos to be attached to the master definition so that cataloging from masters or stock is available at a click. 
  • Definition of attributes is available at a click for the most simple and the most complicated scenarios.

Order Management

  • Different types of orders can be made, such as sales orders, repair orders, stock orders to bifurcate the order type for the purpose of analysis. 
  • The order can be booked in Jewellery wholesale ERP Software by showing the complete master’s catalog or even taking up the design suggested by the client.


  • A purchase order can be created automatically or manually. 
  • Verification of purchase orders can be done to ensure that goods are procured reliably but in a controlled environment. 
  • Jewellery wholesale ERP Software (S.E.A.) allows the procurement of raw materials like gold, silver, Diamonds , stones. A dual unit of measurement is supported for stones (carats and pieces), semi finished products like mountings, and finished goods like jewellery, findings

Inventory Management

  • The ERP for jewellery wholesale business software has a very robust inbuilt validation to ensure every piece, cent, or gram is traceable in the system. 
  • Our Jewellery wholesale ERP Software solution supports weighted average as the standard valuation mechanism 
  • The same is available at a click, whether it is location-wise inventory, specific barcode, or a consolidated picture of a complete inventory. 
  • Customer goods are handled with ease and traceable right across the system.

Barcoding / RFID Management

  • Barcode and the latest RFID tags work seamlessly with our online Jewellery wholesale ERP Software. 
  • Stocktake based on barcode or RFID works with a click, and the system points out variances. 
  • Re-pricing in the ERP for jewellery wholesale business doesn’t warrant changing physical barcodes, and new prices are automatically fetched when the barcode is read/scanned. 
  • Barcodes can be scanned from a handheld scanner/ pads/ smartphones.

Jewellery Production (Subcontracting / Jobwork)

  • Synergics ERP for jewellery wholesale business software allows process-wise outsourced manufacturing. 
  • In outsourced manufacturing, provision of linking and tracking it with the order is possible. 
  • Job worker/contractor-wise allowable wastage is defined and is tracked for settlement of material. 
  • The Jewellery wholesale ERP Software system is dynamic to allow subcontractors wise process-wise standard labor payable. 
  • In all the scenarios, the system also provides simplified tracking in bulk issue/ receipt and a real-time running ledger

Financial Accounting / Controls

  • Synergics ERP for jewellery wholesale business software comes with built-in financial accounting. 
  • All the rules of approval are defined in the back office. 
  • Financial accounting has branch accounting too. 
  • Perpetual posting of entries is facilitated in the system. 
  • Profit and loss with balance sheets are drill downable.

Customer Checks & Balances

  • The Jewellery wholesale ERP Software provides for correct payables and receivables at any point in real-time. 
  • The ledgers are possible in multiple currencies. 
  • The metal balances, adjustment against metal are all available on-demand in real-time with a click.

Repair Management

  • Repair management is fully covered in the jewellery wholesale software (S.E.A.). 
  • Our Jewellery wholesale ERP Software is competent to calculate labor/metal any other material used for repairing. 
  • The user can choose to charge for the material and labor or give it for free as maybe the policy.
  • Complete tracking of repair orders with status is available at a click.


  • S.E.A. Jewellery Management software has the provision to accomodate following type of sales. Outright Sales , Consignment Sales & Memo Sales. All the sales related transactions like Sales Order , Sales Invoice , Memo Approval Note , Memo Return , Sales Return are supported. 
  • Also inter location transefr and intra location transfer of goods are supported with stock transfer acknowledgement so that responsibility of the stock transfer is cleary distributed.

Metal Accounting

  • S.E.A. Jewellery Wholesale software keeps a complete track of metal accounting. ——————————–It keeps the track of customer goods / metal inward also.