SEA ERP offers numerous benefits for retail use, it enables efficient inventory management by providing real-time visibility into stock levels, facilitating accurate tracking of product variations, and ensuring optimal stock control. This leads to improved inventory accuracy, reduced costs from overstocking or stockout, & enhanced operational efficiency.
Synergics Jewellery software streamlines sales process & enhances customer experiences through seamless point-of-sale operations, real-time inventory updates, and integrated payment gateways. This results in faster and more accurate billing, improved customer satisfaction, and increased sales conversion rates.


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Innovative Features & Functionalities of SEA Retailing


Jewellery Billing & Estimation

Synergics Jewellery Retail ERP touch screen/kiosk-friendly Jewellery billing management software allows a customer to select a piece and get an estimation slip printed


Design/SKU Management

Synergics is a fully integrated Retail jewellery software ERP that effectively manages Retail , Online Sales , Inventory & Job work.


Built-In Business CRM Available

Synergics' online jewellery inventory management software has an in-built CRM, which improves overall performance and productivity.


Single Stores / Multi Branch Support

Our jewellery ERP for jewellery retailers management solution or SEA ERP is excellent for businesses of all sizes, from a single store to a multi-branch operation



Our Jewellery Retail ERP software allows the most complex definitions of every BOM to extend to 100's of rows. At the same time, it can handle single-line bills of material definition as well.


Subcontractor Manufacturing

The Synergics Wholesale Retail Jewelry Management Software is a dynamic solution that enables the tracking of labor costs on a subcontractor basis, as well as the management of processes with specific attention to standard labor payments, and the arrangement of wastage and loss percentages.



SEA ERP allows order booking by showing complete master catalogue or even taking design suggested by customer. Users can modify as per roles & rights assigned to him/her


Rich & Organized Cataloging

The ERP for Retail Jewellery Business software allows multiple images and even videos to be attached to the master definition so that cataloging from masters or stock is available at a click.


More Benefits To your business!


SEA ERP Software allows customizable promotional schemes with Real-time tracking and CRM integration enable personalized offers. Scheme communication enhances customer engagement, and automated Scheme management empowers jewellery businesses to boost sales and loyalty effectively.


Third Party Integration

SEA Jewellery Retail ERP system offers e-commerce and mobile app data synchronization, Integration with GST Services Providers , Other Accounting Softwares & RFID/Barcode integration


Buy Back / Old Metal Exchange

Our Jewellery Retail ERP system is fully equipped to facilitate the old gold purchase and buybacks with complete visibility and transparency on the value and weight of goods


Inventory Management

Synergics jewellery inventory management jewellery software has a robust inbuilt validation to ensure that every piece, cent, and gram is traceable in the system.


Procurement Management

The simplified robustness of the Synergics Retail jewellery software and Jewellery chain manufacturing software allows purchasing of what is needed and what is selling.



Jewellery Software for retail jewellery is fully capable of all types of Repair management, be it small or big, and calculating labor/metal and any other material used for repairing.


Customer Loyalty Management

Synergic’s SEA for Retail Jewellery Business software has built-in customer loyalty management that allows customers to check and redeem the points accumulated.

How jewellery software for Retail Benefit Your Business?

P.O.S Functionalities

Estimation & Billing
Loyalty Management
Repair Management
Layaway Support
Discount Management
Estimation & Billing
Loyalty Management
Repair Management
Layaway Support
Discount Management
Lost Opportunity
Checks & Balances
Buy Back / Old Metal Purchase / Exchange​
Scheme Management
Digital Catalogue
Scheme Management
Digital Catalogue

Back Office Functionalities

Pricing Rules
Style Master
Barcode / RFID Management
Inventory Management
Stock Valuation
Pricing Rules
Style Master
Barcode / RFID Management
Inventory Management
Stock Valuation
Subcontractor Production / Karigar Management
Franchisee Management​
Multi Branch / Multi Location Management
Financial Control & Accounting
Memo Management
Subcontractor Production / Karigar Management
Franchisee Management​
Multi Branch / Multi Location Management
Financial Control & Accounting
Memo Management

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Estimation & Billing

  • The Jewellery Retail ERP software’s engagement model starts right from the moment a customer walk-in at the store. 
  • The touch screen/kiosk-friendly system allows a customer to select a piece with all search parameters.
  • Once the customer chooses the physical piece, an estimation slip can be printed from any device (iPad/computers), giving the price with/without breakup as per the business practice. 
  • The billing process in the software is seamless, fast, and straightforward to execute. 
  • The simple jewellery billing process of ERP for Retail Jewellery Business does take care of all the following complex scenarios: 
  • Gold rate of the day if the business is run as per daily gold rate – QR Code Generation Provision 
  • Old Gold / Diamonds credit to be accounted for, if any. 
  • Sales return to be accounted for if applicable. 
  • Perpetual updation of loyalty points once billed. 
  • Advance payments / Deposits 
  • Buyback credits. 
  • Payment can be accepted thorugh multiple modes like Credit / Debit Card , Online Banking , UPI , Cheque , Cash , DD. 
  • Multi currency support. 
  • After selection, the entire Jewellery billing process can be accomplished in a minute for an existing customer profile 
  • The digitally signed copy of the invoice is automatically mailed to the customer instantaneously. Thank You Message sent to the customer via SMS / Whats app.

Loyalty Management

  • Customer retention is one of the prime areas for a retailing scenario. 
  • Synergic’s ERP for Retail Jewellery Business comes with in built customer loyalty management. 
  • The versatile but simple customer loyalty management programme allows a customer to check in on the number of points accumulated. 
  • At the time of billing, the system enables the customer to redeem the points. 
  • Rewards of shopping in the form of points are added to the customer profile with a button click in the Retail jewellery software. 
  • The more one shop, the more are the rewards as the customer is automatically upgraded to higher levels. 
  • The redemption and billing can happen simultaneously on the same counter, giving a seamless experience to the customer. 
  • S.E.A.Jewellery Software keeps up being the backbone of adding the “WOW” experience in jewellery retailing.


  • Customer relationship management has always been an integral part of customer experience and retention. 
  • The retail operations starts with the basics right from the day a customer profile is created with details of important events like birthdays, anniversaries getting captured. 
  • The ERP for Retail Jewellery Business management software proactively sends reminders to the customer care department about upcoming events like birthdays, anniversaries of customers. 
  • This also allows customized offers to be made to the customers with special discounts on their special days. 
  • The Retail jewellery software system allows the user to group family members to perform the required analysis and offers on this grouping. 
  • Customer-specific transactions are available at one click to answer the buying pattern/ all customer queries immediately. At a single click , the retailer get to know all the transactions done by the cutomer over a period of time like Purchase , Return , Exchange , Repairs , Advances , Running Schemes , Balance EMI and scheme duraton , loyalty points etc.which is very convinient. 
  • S.E.A.Software helps connect to the customer at the right time with the correct data.

Repair Management

  • Repair management, be it small or big, is fully covered in the Software for jewellery retail chain . 
  • The software is fully capable of calculating labor/metal and any other material used for repairing. 
  • The user can choose to charge for the material and labor or give it for free as maybe the policy. 
  • Complete tracking of repair orders with status is available at a click. 
  • Once the repair is complete, the Jewellery Retail ERP system would send SMS with an email to the customer to pick up the piece continuing with the spirit of “WOW” retailing experience for the end-user.

Layaway Support

  • Special orders are for special occasions, and the system books it simply with layaway in Retail jewellery software. 
  • It provides for advances/deposits being taken with or without order references. – The deposits can later be linked to the orders or even delinked from an existing order to another.

Discount Management

  • Retail Jewellery software has a provision to allow user based discount. For example , Sales Person can be given rights to offer 2 % discount , Store Manager can have rights tio offer 5% discounts. 
  • In case , the customer insists more discount , then there is a provision in the system where in the user / sales person can send it to the higher authority / Management person for approval,
  • Once the sales person sends it for the approval , a link goes to the approval authority through email / sms. On clicking the link , it shows the retail software interface with details like customer name , details of the purchase and discount he is asking for . 
  • There are two buttons for approbval and rejection. If the approval is given then at user’s end , the system allows to invoice it and if it is rejected , system will not allow to proceed for invoice. 
  • Thus , discount percentage can be restricted and approval records are maintained. 
  • Also , even if the business owner is not in the office , the operations are not stuck .
  • These discounts can be offered on single piece or complete invoice. Also separate discounts on Metal , Stone & Labour can be given.

Order Management

  • The Retail jewellery software allows and simplifies the process of made-to-order (bespoke) jewellery. 
  • The order can be booked by showing the complete masters catalog or even taking up the design suggested by the customer. 
  • Order can be booked with advance amount / without advance amount. 
  • The order tracking mechanism is fully traceable. 
  • Once the piece is ready, the customer receives sms and an email from the stores requesting to pick up the jewellery item. 
  • S.E.A. Jewlry Software gives complete order status report to the retailer so that order tracking becomes easier.

Lost Opportunity Analysis

  • Proactive action is the key for any retail business. 
  • The Software for jewellery retail chain allows capturing and soliciting sales too. 
  • Any walk-ins are duly recorded with their respective requirement/ interest in the jewellery….. Even if the customer does not buy anything and walks away , the sales person can record dilikes / reasons if expressed. 
  • The follow up dates against individual salespersons are also recorded. 
  • The Software for jewellery retail proactively alerts the salesperson and the store manager about the due and overdue follow-ups. 
  • At the end of the month, a summary is shown by the system about the wins and losses of every salesperson. Also for example , frequent rejection is happening for goods supplied by a particular vendor , then also it can be analysed and in turn , it helps in informed buying. 
  • S.E.A.Software helps in analyzing the salesperson’s performance and proactively works on improving sales

Customer Checks & Balances

  • The Jewellery Retail ERP software provides for correct payables and receivables at any point in real-time. 
  • The ledgers are possible in multiple currencies. 
  • The metal balances, adjustment against metal are all available on-demand in real-time with a click.

Buy Back / Old Metal Purchase / Exchange

  • Jewellery retail always comes with its own set of assurances to a consumer. 
  • Synergics Retail jewellery software can also track and give visibility with transparency for the exchange of items as per the business scenario. Exchanges can be lifetime or a defined period with an exchange percentage. The buyback / exchange policy can be defined. 
  • The Retail Jewellery Business management software fully supports buybacks and transparency on the value and weight of goods. 
  • The online jewellery system is fully equipped to facilitate the old gold purchase and transparently share the estimated price as per the valuation 
  • All the above scenarios in the Jewellery Retail ERP system allow respective credit to the customer, thus allowing them to upgrade and purchase new goods with ease. 
  • here also keeps up to the complex jewellery scenarios by keeping up to the customer-centric view of “never say no”.

Scheme Management

  • Enticing schemes are the backbone of retaining customers. 
  • The retail jewellery ERP allows the designated users to define schemes for gold savings. 
  • The saving schemes can be configured and made running as per the requirment . Multiple types, of users can use a preconfigured setup of schemes. 
  • The schemes are seamlessly integrated with P.O.S., billing, and financial accounting. 
  • S.E.A. Retail Jewellery ERP software (S.E.A.) helps effective scheme management.

Digital Catalogue

  • Synergics Retail Jewellery ERP software has in built & simplified Item. 
  • Cataloguing Catalogues can be created from Stock and from Masters / Design Bank. 
  • Search for items based on parameters defined such as : 
  • Metal weight 
  • Price Point 
  • Diamond Weight / Stone Weight etc. 
  • Facility to select the desired items by adding it into the cart and than generating a Catalogue / Order/ Estimate/ sales invoice directly.

Pricing Rules

  • The dynamic jewellery retail industry requires dynamic ERP for jewellery retailers management software with dynamic pricing allowing the business houses to change and implement pricing strategies overnight with zero dependencies on the vendor. 
  • Synergics Jewellery Retail ERP software has multiple and dynamic facilities for defining pricing rules.
  • It has a simplified version for pre-configured pricing, which covers all aspects of jewellery retailing. 
  • The Software for jewellery retail chain system provides for a more complex “Do It Yourself” pricing strategy as well. 
  • Pricing has the flexibility to work with retailers of M.R.P.-based selling or even daily gold rate-based pricing. 
  • Pricing rules are empowered through the robust formula builder engine, a simplified wizard-based approach to define prices and the respective dependent criteria. 
  • Retail jewellery software (S.E.A.) achieves all in the most simplified fashion on the cloud.

Style Master

  • Masters for jewellery retailing is the heart for the Retail jewellery software system and the business too. 
  • The retail software allows the most complex definitions of every bill of material (B.O.M.) to extend to 100’s of rows. This helps to identify each item separately. 
  • At the same time, the software can handle single-line bills of material definition as well. 
  • The ERP for jewellery retailers allows multiple images and even videos to be attached to the master definition so that cataloging from masters or stock is available at a click. 
  • Definition of attributes is available at a click for the most simple and the most complicated scenarios. 
  • Our Jewellery Retail ERP software and jewellery retail chain software keeps up to the scalability of defining simple jewellery items to the most complex ones.


  • Purchase of items with system-assisted artificial intelligence is always a winner in retail. 
  • The Synergics ERP for Retail Jewellery Business software provides for purchasing what is needed and what is selling. 
  • The simplified robustness of the system allows verification at the right stage so that goods are procured reliably but in a controlled environment. 
  • Jewellery Retail ERP software (S.E.A.) allows: 
  • Procurement of raw material like Gold, Silver, Platinum .Stones like Precious , Semi Precious Stones , CZ , Diamonds , Finished Jewellery Items and Findings lIke Post , Stud etc 
  • Dual units of measurement are supported for stones (carats and pieces). 
  • All other ancillary items , non jewellery inventory like gifts or packaging material 
  • Bulk buying options are duly supported. 
  • Facility to create masters at the time of procurement. 
  • Simple, extensive, secured, and controlled is the way for procurement duly fulfilled by S.E.A. Jewellery ERP Software .

Barcode / RFID Management

  • The uniqueness of every piece is the key to jewellery retailing. 
  • Barcode and the latest RFID tags work seamlessly with the Jewellery Retail ERP system. 
  • Stock take based on barcode or RFID works with a click, and the system points out variances 
  • Repricing in our jewellery billing software doesn’t warrant a change of physical barcodes, and new prices are automatically fetched when the barcode is read/scanned. 
  • Barcodes can be scanned from a handheld scanner/pads/smartphones. 
  • Jewellery Retail ERP solution (S.E.A.) achieves the fundamentals of any time/ anywhere/any device by seamlessly scanning and billing the jewellery piece right from the comfort of a tablet. 
  • ERP software for Retail Jewellery Business proves to be the digitally and technically superior and most efficient jewellery inventory management system in its breed.

Inventory Management

  • Synergics jewellery inventory management software has a robust inbuilt validation to ensure that every piece, cent, and gram is traceable in the system. 
  • The system supports weighted average as the standard valuation mechanism. 
  • The same is available at a click, whether it is location-wise inventory, specific barcode, or a consolidated picture of a complete inventory. 
  • Customer goods are handled with ease and traceable right across the ERP system.

Stock Valuation

  • Accurate stock valuation is a big plus for Synergics Jewellery Retail Software.

Subcontractor Production / Karigar Management

  • Every retailer desires a controlled and informed production cycle. 
  • The system with the help of Jewellery production software allows process-wise subcontracting / outsourced manufacturing.
  • In outsourced manufacturing, provision of linking and tracking it with the order is possible.
  • Job worker/contractor-wise allowable wastage is defined and is tracked for settlement of material. 
  • Synergics jewellery business management software is dynamic to allow subcontractors wise process-wise standard labor payable. 
  • With all the above complex scenarios, the Jewellery inventory management system also provides simplified tracking in bulk issue/receipt along with a real-time running ledger. 
  • All is achievable in the software, from tracking every diamond set in a piece of jewellery to the respective subcontractor to even getting ballpark traceability.
  • Synergics ERP for Retail Jewellery Business adheres to simplified production processes or detailed complex production processes, thus catering to every type of jewellery business house like single retail stores or chain of stores.

Franchisee Management

  • Synergics Jewellery ERP for Retail Jewellery Franchisee Management is an efficient franchisee management software to manage the complete franshisee network. 
  • All the possible and complex scenarions in Franchisee Model business are handled by jewellery franchisee management software.
  • For example : Inventory transfer from the Company Location A to Franchisee Location X:(This scenario will work in the reverse manner as well.) 
  • Order in Company Location A, Advance in Company 
  • Location A, Inventory in the Company Location A, and Invoice from Franchisee Location X (This scenario will work in the reverse manner as well.) 
  • Sold from Company Location A and Return in Franchisee Location X (This scenario will work in the reverse manner as well.):

Multi Branch / Multi Location Management

  • Any ideal jewellery retailing system should never be a deterrent for expansion in jewellery retailing. 
  • Synergics Retail jewellery software provides jewellery management of multi-branch/multi-location facilities. 
  • Stocks can be transferred between locations giving a real-time effect. 
  • Any sales in one location are reflected in real-time in the other location too. 
  • Gift vouchers redeemed in one location are immediately invalidated the very next moment for any further redemptions in any different location. 
  • Location-wise, profit and loss can be calculated as well. 
  • It’s a customer’s delight to be able to select jewellery in one location and take the delivery in another location in a seamless manner. 
  • Consolidation is available at a click. 
  • S.E.A. Jewellery retail chain mangement software offers seamless integration of locations globally.

Financial Control & Accounting

  • Our Jewellery Retail ERP software comes with in built financial accounting. – All the rules of approval are defined in the back office.
  • Financial accounting has branch accounting too. 
  • Petty cash management is an integral part of Retail jewellery software. 
  • Perpetual posting of entries is also facilitated in the system. 
  • Profit and loss with balance sheets are drill downable. 
  • S.E.A. Retail ERP helps achieve see-through visibility at a click to give an accurate picture of a business anywhere, anytime, and on any device in the most secure cloud environment.

Memo Management

  • S.E..A. Retail ERP software has a provision to get the goods on credit or approval. The Retailer can get the goods on Memo from the vendor and saggrigate the goods and return rest of the goods so that the memo can be closed. Also the retailer can give his goods on memo to the customer for approval. In the total stock report , system will show the goods received on memo and the goods given on memo as well.