How to solve jwellery business problems

How to Solve Problems When Trying to Expand Your Jewellery Business?

Jewellery Business or any other business that looks to expand will face management issues. Managing a big business is tough without any automation. Automation refers to the usage of the best ERP software. 

Software that will control most of the functions of the business. If your jewellery business is expanding, it can face multiple issues. Some of the most practical issues in the growing jewellery business are: 

  • Unorganized functions
  • Limited professionalism in follow-up and completing the task
  • Bad inventory management
  • Lag in updated reports
  • Not connecting dots with supply and demand

To close the above mentioned issue and to remove the hindrance to the growing company, Synergics Solutions has the best jewellery software– SEA ERP. 

By the end of this, understand the issues your growing jewellery business will face and how ERP software closes that hindrance. 

Problems and Solution by ERP Module

Manufacturing Benchmark: 

With the growing graph, the benchmark for the final product will grow. Laser-cutting techniques should be included for decorating and engraving the jewellery. CAD and CAM software should be added to map the designs. The era is gone when design approval needs days and months. 

Your jewellery company needs the best jewellery software that can perform a final draft. Jewellery businesses will need ERP for diamond jewellery manufacturing through CAD and CAM software. 

Inventory Management: 

Jewellery has an inventory with a high valuation. Inventory management and stock updates are tedious tasks. Out-of-stock and overstocking are bad for the jewellery business because of price fluctuations. With automation, EOQ can be determined easily. 

With automation, companies can create standing orders with their suppliers and clear their dues on time. After integrating analytics into the in-store sales system, the inventory status and report can easily be mailed to the higher authorities. 

Customer Profiling: 

Caratlane and Tanishq face multiple scenarios on their website. The scenario relates to stalking and not buying. The scenario is when the consumer visits the profile but doesn’t click on order now. 

In that case, the website fails to track the consumer details and loss and opportunity. To close this issue, the SEA ERP Software catches the lost opportunities and provides data for the same. Your jewellery business can shoot offers, promotions, and discounts with this data.

Consumer profiling is done using real-time data analytics. With this, Key performance indicators and information can be stored as they occur on your business profile or social media. With instant reports, your business can alter its market strategies accordingly. 

Access Delegation: 

Software involves lots of access networks and control. Jewellery businesses have multiple chains and vendors. It is not possible to keep track of each vendor. 

As the company CEO, you may not have time to travel to each vendor and cross-check the transaction details and inventory status. There are multiple departments involved in this process. 

With the help of SEA ERP, the CEO can grant access to the department head or the vendors to update the status. With this access delegation, the CEO is not required to visit all the outlets and check with the consumers. The team can overview and make an informed decision based on various vendors. 

The software also has a live tracking system. With this live tracking, a business leader can track the progress of various vendors and can determine which location and vendor are doing best. This live tracking also relives the business with the order delivery.  

Wrapping Up!

Businesses are bound to face challenges when they hit the upper graph. In those moments, a business should look to cut the challenges with automation. ERP is every business’s requirement in the coming time. 
Through Synergics Solutions, find how their best jewellery software SEA ERP resolves the business challenges feasibly.

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