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5 Reasons Jewellery Bill of Material is Important For Your Business

Using an instruction manual does not indicate failure; in fact, it can be quite helpful. These instructions are available for Jewellery Manufacturers who produce hundreds of devices. They just refer to them by a different term, such as bill of materials (BOM).

The Bill of material shows the list of raw materials, the component list and the assemblies’ part of each item. Bill of material records the quantity and the details of the product that is required for manufacturing. 

The jewellery business involves the preparation of small items with high-value raw materials. It sometimes gets tough to keep a grip on each unit. Diamond being the high-value stone, needs complete recording in the data and that’s where Bill Of Material Comes in.

In this article we will explore what Jewellery Bill Of Material is. How it is used in jewellery manufacturing industry and why it is important for your business.

Diamond being the high-value stone, needs complete recording in the data. ERP for diamond jewellery manufacturing  helps the jewelry business’s manufacturing unit to keep track of every product that involves a diamond. 

Jewellery Bill of Material: From Booklets to Automated Listing

Keeping track while manufacturing in the gold and diamond business is crucial. Losing track of even one stone can lead to a heavy mismatch in the book of accounts. Bill of Material is fundamental to the effectiveness of multiple manufacturing and supply chain processes. 

Bill of Material: A list of materials, components and parts required to manufacture or repair the product. The Bill of Material also includes the instruction for using the material. Before automation, a book lit was prepared in the name of Bill of Material. A complete format was prepared, and details of every small unit were recorded. After the automation adoption, the Bill of Material leaped the book list. 

ERP has a module where the manufacturing department now can store the data of the goods they are receiving. By recording the data in real time, there are less chances of data going wrong and theft. 

Why does your business need a Bill of Material with ERP automation? 

Accuracy: Bill of Material shows the accuracy and efficiency of the manufacturing unit. A business needs accurate data on what they produce and the quantity needed to produce a single unit. 

Acquisition orders: A jewellery business has to work with minimal errors because the value of each raw material is high. Bill of Material helps a jewellery business record the acquisition orders with accuracy. A jewellery business management software here takes care of acquisition orders and processing. ERP with Bill of Material inclusion supports the jewellery business and feeds the data into the server. 

Data storage: Prior to ERP, Bill of Material is done using pen and paper or in excel sheets. There are high chances of paper losing its right spot and excel sheets getting modified. To avoid a lot of paperwork, ERP has a module for the Bill of material process. A manufacturing unit can easily update the record as soon as the material enters the factory. 

Data access: Data can be edited easily on paper and excel sheets. ERP for diamond and jewellery manufacturing has access sharing and controlling features. Sharing access is at the discretion of the department head or the superior authority. There are features in ERP where a team can add the features but cannot edit or update them. Jewellery business management software through this gives the right access to the right team or personnel. 

Billing: Jewellery billing software works with Bill of Material. If the Bill of material is updated without any faults, the pricing gets simpler. To avoid any loopholes in the pricing, jewellery billing software and jewellery software for price work side-by-side when data is entered into the system. 

To Conclude

No business product pricing can be absolute if data is not recorded or kept on track. To have the right pricing strategy for each product in your jewellery business, ERP for jewellery manufacturing is what your jewellery business needs. Get in touch with the Synergics Solution expert to know more about defining and tracking the Bill of material of your business in a smart way.

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